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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Drew, and I'm the Producer/Engineer here at The Outlier Studio. Like so many other audio engineers, I started my musical journey playing in a garage band and singing in Clover High School’s choir. Once our band starting making a little money, we decided it was time to go to a real studio to record our music. It was clear our band needed a little direction to hone in our songs, so I stepped in to help produce our record. Although I had absolutely no technical skills when it came to recording, I quickly began to find my voice as a music producer.

After high school, I decided to go to Clemson University. At Clemson, I decided to major in communicaion studies, but still wanted to be a musician so I joined a student led a cappella group called Tigeroar. As a sophomore, I was elected music director. Part of my role as music director was to help produce our records, and I became interested in the technical side of recording. One day, the engineer who was recording us couldn’t make it so he gave me a crash course in Pro Tools and I was thrown into the hot seat. Over the next couple years and records, I fell in love with recording music. I changed my major, and eventually earned my audio engineering degree from Clemson University.

After graduating from college, I spent the next several years fronting an original alternative-rock group called Fusebox Poet. During these years, I had the opportunity to work as a client for world renowned producers in both Los Angeles and Atlanta. I toured the eastern half of the country numerous times, and was fortunate enough to play several major national music festivals in various states across the country. 

During my time with Fusebox Poet, I began building and developing a recording studio in my home. I gained experience by recording my own group, and many bigger groups around the Charlotte area.  Now, I run the studio full time and work as the touring keyboardist for Charlotte group, Simplified. If you're interested in working with me, head over to the contact page on my site, and give me a shout!